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Sustainability Meets Landscaping

Many people recognize that the quality of the environment directly impacts the quality of their own lives. LandCare Innovations also understands that we must all begin to live in ways that are more sustainable. How does this apply when it comes to landscaping projects?

There are five basic aspects in designing a sustainable landscape. The landscape should be:

  • Functional
  • Maintainable
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Cost Effective
  • Visually Pleasing

None of these are mutually exclusive. In the design development process each of these aspects are interrelated, so decisions made in one area directly affects the others. The designer will naturally move back and forth among the areas before determining the best solution for the project.

Let’s take a closer look at these five basic aspects of sustainable landscape design.

Functional landscapes allow users easy movement in and around the grounds for your intended purpose. This could be work, recreation, socializing, etc.

Maintainable considerations are closely related to the functional ones. A functional design has more to do with the users of the landscape while a landscape that is maintainable is easier for landscape managers to take care of. A landscape should be functional from both a use and maintenance standpoint.

Sustainable landscape design must take into consideration the proper use of plants and related hardscapes. The right plant must be in the right place as well as for the right purpose. For example, a rainwater garden can be part of a sustainable landscape. It is used to both clean and conserve water, as well as to prevent soil erosion. This in turn helps to keep waterways cleaner and is visually beautiful as well.

Cost effectiveness is a top priority for everyone—we want to be sure our landscaping dollars are well spent. Yet cost should not dictate whether the landscape is functional, maintainable, or environmentally sustainable. A simple low cost landscape should be as sustainable as an extensive high cost landscape. The installation cost of a sustainable landscape does not necessarily cost more.

Visually pleasing landscapes are what we all strive for—the culmination of diligent planning and design. The considerations of functionality, maintainability, environmental sustainability, and cost effectiveness provide the framework we use to transform your grounds into an aesthetic jewel—and your sustainable landscape will provide considerable savings in maintenance throughout the life of the landscape.